Chief Soapboxer, The Village Id-Vestor
Self-Anointed Black Belt Jedi Master of the Finance and Investing Universe

The founder of The Village Id-Vestor wields his wicked digital pen of finance and market domination from his home in the tops of the mountains.

His early years were spent in a small town on the Oregon coast. After a year in college, he decided to take some time off and volunteered to wander the streets of southern Russian for two years, learning fluent Russian, then earned a degree with honors in Poli Sci and International Studies, and interned briefly for a member of the lumbering bureaucracy known as the U.S. House of Representatives (U.S. Congress).

At the end of his first degree, he spent some time living in Brussels, Belgium, the capitol of the United States of Europe, advocating for religious and civic rights in the developing states of Eurasia (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) as a researcher for a non-governmental organization.

After earning an MBA, he went to work for one of the world's oldest investment banks, and now works as a financial analyst, in addition to maintaining this captivating and delightful blog / website you've stumbled upon.

His passions in life are writing, researching, and using color, sarcasm, and general wittiness to educate the masses about any and all things he cares about related to money, finance, and investments. He is a voracious reader and consumer of all things finance. He also enjoys playing Nintendo and building Legos with his kids, cooking, and spending time with his fabulously amazing wife.