Mastering the Art of Personal Finance

I tend to believe the level of control you have over money and the level of freedom you have in life are directly correlated. The more control you have over your money (your finances), and the less control it has over you, the more freedom you have to pursue whatever you want.

Want to travel all over the world? Want to be retired by the time you're 35? Want to start up a charity, humanitarian aid program, or a scholarship fund? Want to lie on a beach all day long relaxing in the sun, sipping lemonade?

If you've mastered money, you have the option of choosing any of the above, any day, instead of being forced to wake up at dawn, driving drowsily to work, and slaving away for the next eight to ten hours, only to come home, stuff your face with food, expire after two hours, and wake up the next day to do it all again.

This is madness. It's insanity. And no one deserves to do it for forty years. So let's work together to figure out how you can make sure you get to escape the system as soon as possible.

Let me say it again... being a master of finance means being free. And all the crap I've written that follows in relation to your personal finances and investments will help you become a freaking Jedi Master of Money, if you're willing to listen, and if you're willing to make a few changes. So let's get started....

Below are a series of posts related to Mastering the Art of Personal Finance. These articles will get your mind wrapped correctly around the ideas of money, saving, and dominating your own life. You can check these posts out, or start with the big link below by Mr Frodo.

Or, if you've already got some money and want to put it to work, start reading through my investing section now!

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