Building Wealth Long-Term

I won't pretend to be some great financial guru. In fact, I'm a pretty young guy myself who's just trying to make a living, doing what he loves. But I do have an advantage.

I have access to the greatest financial minds in history--thanks to modern technology. Many of these genius minds regularly write books, memoirs, and articles about their businesses, appear on media outlets, and issue press releases that detail the things they've done to succeed in their businesses and in their industries.

Men like Warren Buffett, widely considered to be the world's greatest investor.

Men like Jeremy Grantham, and Bill Gross, the Bond King. Etc, etc.

One of my passions is reading what these men have to say, and passing on their knowledge to you in an accessible way.

The Village has developed a series of articles focused around the teachings of these men. Below are a series of articles that focus on general investment principles these men have followed for decades which allowed them to amass fortunes the average man can only dream about.
Live long and invest,